2017 Goals!

I’m full of positive energy with this being the first week of a brand new year, a new year with only potential in it so far!  No mishaps or dramas… just a clean slate to fill with excitement and goodness!  I use the word ‘goals’ because ‘resolution’ = pressure!  Goals means I can give my best shot but it isn’t the end of the world if I don’t make it!  The word resolution is so absolute!

I always have a ton of ideas for my goal list but this year I’m going to keep it to 10 personal goals that I think will make a happier me, a happier home and therefore happier kids!


Here are my goals for 2017!

♥  Keep on top of my daily chores and keep to doing housework while the boys are in school, meaning we can spend more quality time together when they are home!
♥  Declutter!  When the house is so full of stuff that we don’t need, when it’s all disorganised and the drawers are full of junk (despite the house looking superficially clean and tidy), I know the clutter is there and this has me feeling a small but constant sense of unease!  2017 is the year to do a proper clear out!
♥  Save!!  2017 is my year to become financially independent following our separation and I’m both looking forward to the independence but also feeling apprehensive as this is new territory.  I want to be able to give the boys things like holidays despite being a single parent so I need to save my butt off!
♥  Grow my business!  In my efforts to being financially more independent, I need to follow my photography dreams and get my business moving!  I’ve wanted to be a photographer for as long as I can remember and this is the year that I learn to use my gear properly, compile a good portfolio and start taking clients!
♥  Say “yes” more often!  A goal that features every year… I always want to work on being available to the boys and saying yes in the moment instead of “mummy just needs to finish the dishes” or “in a minute” or “we can do it later”.  No housework is important enough to not enjoy a moment with the boys.
♥  Work on patience, as always!
♥  Be more active!  Make proper use of my fitbit, walk every day and immerse myself in yoga for the good of my body and brain!
♥  Navigate our separation gracefully and with good communication in order to make it calm and smooth for our boys and with the hopes of maintaining a friendship.  See it as the end of a chapter but not a failure… just two people who changed so much over time.
♥  Put more efforts into my family and my friendships and really nourish the relationships with those most important to me.
♥   Look for the positives in every day, big and small and record my gratitudes in my new 2017 Happiness Planner!

I’m excited!


8 thoughts on “2017 Goals!

  1. Andrea says:

    A great list of goals. I wish you all the best in changing things around for the better in 2017. I love a fresh start to anything, and the beginning of a new year is always the perfect time to dive into all those good things!


  2. madamdreamweaver says:

    Great goals there. For your photography business, let me encourage you do definitely get some business cards, if you haven’t already, and to be sure and set up a Linked In page for your business. I’ve known a few independent photographers who do pretty well doing wedding and family photos. As a sideline, you might also consider looking into an online selling opportunity like FineArtAmerica.com where you could post great shots of scenery or other things as art pieces or on products, like pillows or phone cases. I follow a photographer on Google+ who does that and gets occasional sales. It won’t bring in a ton of money, but could be useful over time.


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