I Joined a Gym!!

I know… whaaaaaaaat?


So one of my new year goals this year is to be more active, make proper use of my fitbit and immerse myself in yoga for the good of my body and my brain… well, following suit of my BFF, I joined a gym.  I’m hoping that because it is there, it has a TON of classes (pilates and yoga included) and that it’s open 24/7, that I’ll go and make use of it and get this body healthy and toned!  So many classes are on while the boys are in school so really I’ve no excuse…

I am excited though.  Clueless also.  Aside from the classes, I’m really not sure what one goes to the gym to do or HOW to do haha!  I’m also worried about feeling shy and self conscious when I’m there but I’m already booked in for my first fat burn class with my friend tomorrow, so won’t be going alone!  I’ve never been sporty and I have visions of falling off a treadmill and having a gym full of people laughing at me.  This is unlikely though because I’m sure everyone will be concentrating on their own workouts.  Right?


Also… it’s an excuse to get some super cute activewear no?

It doesn’t sound like I’m excited but I can’t wait to get started!

6 thoughts on “I Joined a Gym!!

  1. Mimi B says:

    The thought of joining a gym is so daunting to me, but I really need to! The way my body is changing can’t be good. It has to be done. I’m hoping that writing about working out will really make it so I do it. I feel like I need accountability though because I’m so bad at it. I hope you have a great time with your friend! And yes, don’t worry, everyone else will be concerned only about what they’re doing. Have fun!


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