Fri-yay Happy List!


❤  Tesco have bake at home from frozen Pain Au Raisin… OMG. OMG. OMG. So good.
❤  I’m loving hearing Nate read aloud.  He’s so proud of himself!
❤  Ollie just began swimming lessons and his confidence is overflowing!


❤  Loving my brand new camera!!  I’m the proud owner of a new NIkon D5600!
❤  I’m having so much fun blogging more regularly!
❤  Tattoo inspiration!
❤  Beach visits 🙂 🙂


❤  Decorating the house.
❤  Gig plans!  Smith Street Band, George Ezra and Mumford & Sons booked so far!
❤  I’m loving the sweet relief that ibuprofen brings to my tooth extraction.
❤  It’s been so good having the boys off for Easter break… much needed quality time.


❤  Among Other Foolish Things by Brian Fallon 🙂  His voice….
❤  The Ballad Of Me And My Friends by Frank Turner… love forever!
❤  My hair is pink and I love it… I’ve wanted pink hair for so long and I’ve bit the bullet.

School’s Out!


Wednesday was the boy’s last day of term!  They don’t return to school until 24th April and I’m so looking forward to spending the next week with them.  The weather is almost brightening and we are making a list of what we would like to do including:

A trip to Dublin to stay with Grandpa Crispy and visit Dublin Zoo.
A breakfast picnic at Minnowburn.
A beach visit or two!
A sleepover at Grandma’s house!
Visit the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge!
Feed ducks.
Plant some flowers.
Fly the kites.
Dye Easter eggs and do Easter baking.
Visit Hillsborough Lake.

We might not get ALL of this covered but they’re the ideas that came up when I asked the boys.  They’re excited.

Don’t you love Springtime?  The first quarter of the year, every year, I find very hard to shake off the slumpy after Christmas feeling until the weather changes, the nights get brighter and the flowers and blue sky make the world look pretty!  It then becomes easier to be enthusiastic and motivated.  I find myself becoming productive and full of new ideas.  The ‘shake off the slump’ phase is well underway and I’m feeling excited. Goodbye winter!