The Year That Was (Part 1)!

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that 2016 wasn’t all bad… and although I hope 2017 is a kinder year, so many good memories were made in the year just past.  Here’s my photo recap!



Skate date || Christmas dinner with my dad (in January!) || How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran || Nate’s birthday and Spiderman cake || The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins || Ollie’s first guitar lesson || First trip to the beach of 2016



BLTs are amazing || The Bodyguard at The Grand Opera House. || Pancake Tuesday || Frank Turner at The Limelight || Frank Turner in Dublin || Loving my little Valentine’s || Visit to Castle Espie || Forest rambles! || Night out with best friends || Gabrielle Aplin in Mandela Hall || Foxes in The Limelight



World Book Day dressing up as Diary of A Wimpy Kid and Spiderman || Mother’s Day dinner for my mum || Mother’s Day geocaching hunt with my boys || Aimee visited from England (my best friend of 20 years!) || Skate dates on the Greenway and at Titanic Quarter || Easter celebrations || Dander up Divis/ Black Mountain with Joey || New car!!!!



 Pretty dogs after the groomers || Ollie got good on his guitar || Superhero pyjamas || Salad season has begun || Beautiful skies || Cycle and smoothie || Skate date at Titanic || Besties || My brother plays me music on his guitar || Haircut || Ryan’s birthday || More beautiful sky



Birthday dinner at Ryan’s || I voted || Spoon Street frozen yoghurt heaven || Beach visit in the sunshine || All dressed up for a Christening || Night out with Bexie || Picnic times || I invested in a waffle maker || Supporting our bff Joey! || Cookie dough frappuccinos || My first trip to a skate park || Finally warm enough to have the paddling pool out!



So much sunshine || Voted again || Ollie and I did the Picollo Fondo (12 mile cycle in 2 hours!) || Ollie turned 8 || Birthday beach visit || Gangsta Granny at The Grand Opera House || Evening beach swim with besties || Ollie’s big boy pizza/ sleepover party || Biffy Clyro at Titanic Quarter || The boys finished school!

Letter to Littlest

Nate, You’re 5!!!


Holy moly, how time flies!  It still feels like yesterday that we rushed to the hospital to have you, our little waterbaby.  How have 5 years passed us by?  5 is such a big age and I know you are super excited to be older.  You told me on the morning of your birthday that you felt like you knew more things and that your bones had definitely grown!

You started school this year and you have loved it from day 1.  Always excited to learn new things and see your friends and your confidence is developing at a rapid rate!

You make me and Daddy and Ollie smile every single day and you has so much love for everyone.  You want to see everyone happy and you’ll go out of your way to make it so. You’re caring and kind and your giggle is SO infectious!!  You can bring joy to a houseful of people with just one chuckle and you have an abundance of kisses and cuddles to give.

You and Ollie are closer now than you ever have been especially with shared interests now, which is lovely for me to see.  You play the Xbox together, he lets you take part in the movies he makes, he reads to you sometimes and he loves having you to play with.  The two of you still fight sometimes, but that’s normal isn’t it?  You always make up with a sorry and a hug.  Always always treasure that lovely brother of yours.

You are super creative and you love anything to do with drawing, painting, practicing your writing, playing playdoh, using scissors and glue, you’re like me!  I loved (and still do) all of those things.  You’re drawings are SO SO good and we’ve loved having them stuck on our walls and fridge and wherever they will fit.

You still love Batman, Spiderman and every other superhero you can think of and you know everything there is to know about My Little Pony.  You’ve started playing big boy games like Minecraft and Terraria and you love being able to play these two player with your brother.  When Daddy is here you love boys time with him and Ollie and you have a new found interest in board games.  For Christmas you got a small keyboard and you love putting in piano and dance performances for us all.

You’re favourite foods are sausages, cereal and milk, pancakes, pepperoni pizza and pasta, though you do make a huge effort to try new foods knowing that sometimes you find foods that you like!

I can’t wait to learn more and adventure more with you, my little lovesome.  I love each and every day I get to spend with you and be your mummy… you bring incredible happiness to my life and to our family and I love you millions.


I Joined a Gym!!

I know… whaaaaaaaat?


So one of my new year goals this year is to be more active, make proper use of my fitbit and immerse myself in yoga for the good of my body and my brain… well, following suit of my BFF, I joined a gym.  I’m hoping that because it is there, it has a TON of classes (pilates and yoga included) and that it’s open 24/7, that I’ll go and make use of it and get this body healthy and toned!  So many classes are on while the boys are in school so really I’ve no excuse…

I am excited though.  Clueless also.  Aside from the classes, I’m really not sure what one goes to the gym to do or HOW to do haha!  I’m also worried about feeling shy and self conscious when I’m there but I’m already booked in for my first fat burn class with my friend tomorrow, so won’t be going alone!  I’ve never been sporty and I have visions of falling off a treadmill and having a gym full of people laughing at me.  This is unlikely though because I’m sure everyone will be concentrating on their own workouts.  Right?


Also… it’s an excuse to get some super cute activewear no?

It doesn’t sound like I’m excited but I can’t wait to get started!

2017 Goals!

I’m full of positive energy with this being the first week of a brand new year, a new year with only potential in it so far!  No mishaps or dramas… just a clean slate to fill with excitement and goodness!  I use the word ‘goals’ because ‘resolution’ = pressure!  Goals means I can give my best shot but it isn’t the end of the world if I don’t make it!  The word resolution is so absolute!

I always have a ton of ideas for my goal list but this year I’m going to keep it to 10 personal goals that I think will make a happier me, a happier home and therefore happier kids!


Here are my goals for 2017!

♥  Keep on top of my daily chores and keep to doing housework while the boys are in school, meaning we can spend more quality time together when they are home!
♥  Declutter!  When the house is so full of stuff that we don’t need, when it’s all disorganised and the drawers are full of junk (despite the house looking superficially clean and tidy), I know the clutter is there and this has me feeling a small but constant sense of unease!  2017 is the year to do a proper clear out!
♥  Save!!  2017 is my year to become financially independent following our separation and I’m both looking forward to the independence but also feeling apprehensive as this is new territory.  I want to be able to give the boys things like holidays despite being a single parent so I need to save my butt off!
♥  Grow my business!  In my efforts to being financially more independent, I need to follow my photography dreams and get my business moving!  I’ve wanted to be a photographer for as long as I can remember and this is the year that I learn to use my gear properly, compile a good portfolio and start taking clients!
♥  Say “yes” more often!  A goal that features every year… I always want to work on being available to the boys and saying yes in the moment instead of “mummy just needs to finish the dishes” or “in a minute” or “we can do it later”.  No housework is important enough to not enjoy a moment with the boys.
♥  Work on patience, as always!
♥  Be more active!  Make proper use of my fitbit, walk every day and immerse myself in yoga for the good of my body and brain!
♥  Navigate our separation gracefully and with good communication in order to make it calm and smooth for our boys and with the hopes of maintaining a friendship.  See it as the end of a chapter but not a failure… just two people who changed so much over time.
♥  Put more efforts into my family and my friendships and really nourish the relationships with those most important to me.
♥   Look for the positives in every day, big and small and record my gratitudes in my new 2017 Happiness Planner!

I’m excited!


New Year, New Single Parent


Holy moly 2016… SO much happened… some good and some not so good, but I LOVE New Years Eve and the slate being wiped clean for another year.  Another year with nothing negative in it yet, no mistakes and no disappointments.  SO MUCH POTENTIAL FOR AWESOMENESS.  I’m definitely ready for it to be 2017.

This past year I lost touch with my blog… I took a very unintentional break but honestly it’s done me good and I’m excited to be back writing again.  I missed documenting a lot of things but really my heart wasn’t in it because life.  Ya know?

It’s horrid to write but James and I separated at the end of September.  It’s sad to write that and I do feel sad although I know it was the right thing to do. It wasn’t working, despite best efforts and we are slowly figuring out the logistics of life in this new way.  So far I think it’s going as well as can be expected… it’s hard and complicated, but we don’t hate or dislike one another, neither of us is the villain or the victim and I hope we can get to a point where we are good friends.  I’m hoping we can make moves to improve on things a little with this new year but the bottom line is that we will always coparent the boys calmly, carefully and lovingly.

Things are on the up… it can’t get any worse right?  Aside from this lump of life challenge, there have been a lot of good things in 2016 which I will expand on in a different post 🙂

Small steps.