With Spring comes the urge to spring clean and in my case, I get the urge to spring clean EVERYTHING… and this year it seems to have included this blog.  I’ve been struggling for a while with what to write about because I feel like the theme of my blog, that I’ve kept for more than 8 years (!!!!!!), doesn’t quite fit the way it did pre-separation.  I want to write about my kids still and myself and basically anything random that I’d like to document without it feeling like I’m blogging under a preset.

So here we have the new and improved Emmageddon!  Any posts prior to 2017 have been moved to another blog as an archive, which can still be accessed (there’s more than 700 posts there!).  This blog is my fresh start, clean slate, the new me!  It’s been 6 months since James and I separated and I feel like I’m finally, almost getting my shit together!