The summer break is now underway… 8 weeks with my gorgeous boys… I’m approaching it positively and proactively, we have an ideas board and chore charts in place already and we are gonna budget properly so we can do everything we want this summer, evenly spread over the 8 weeks.  The boys and I are excited and just keeping fingers crossed that the weather improves at least a little bit!!


We already have a few firm plans in place for the summer holidays… in a couple of weeks I am taking the boys glamping on my own for 3 nights.  The place we found looks brilliant, is just 6 minutes from the beach and is the cutest little teeny tiny cabin!  It’s going to be a bit daunting taking them away entirely by myself but I’m also really looking forward to the adventure.


James is taking them to Center Parcs in the first week of August and they have lots planned to do there including den building, geocaching, climbing and pond dipping. There Auntie, who they adore, is going along too for their trip so I can’t wait to hear their excitement when they come home!


Besides the road trips we are in the process of writing a huge list of sunny day and rainy day ideas as well as paid activities and free activities so we have a list to reference if we get stuck for ideas!  So far the boys are getting along SUPER… long may it continue!!!  I’m relishing the fact that I don’t have to prepare uniforms and school snacks every day! Here’s hoping I can keep them from getting bored!