My Job!


My choice to become a stay at home mum was super easy!  In fact there was never a question over whether I would stay home or go back to work.  It just happened naturally when Ollie was born, I had to leave my job anyway because we were due to move back to Belfast!

I can’t believe how quickly time as a stay at home mum has flown by.  Here we are 9 years since I left work and I can’t imagine what returning to employment will be like! It’s necessary now rather than optional because I need to be financially independent!  I feel very fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to stay at home with my boys for so long!  It’s always made sense financially but now with them both in school…

I know we aren’t meant to call staying at home a job… but this is by far the best job I’ve ever had and I’ve learnt lots about responsibility, patience, using my imagination and a ton of other skills that might benefit me when I re-enter the workplace.  I’ve loved seeing the boys as much as I have and filling our days with playing, crafts and adventures.

Now with my kids in school, it’s time for me to get my butt into gear regarding my career path.  It’s time.  I want to take photos for a living and I’m almost ready for this huge leap. I want to be my own boss and I want my career to be capturing special moments for people, families and couples.  There is nothing I’d like more.  I need a job that can give me the flexibility to work whichever hours I’d like so I can be there when the kids need me to be, especially over school holidays!


This new career path won’t ever compare to being a stay at home mum though…

35 before 35 bucket list!


I turn 33 this summer… there are only 823 days until i’m halfway to 70!  Isn’t that crazy?! I’ve always been a big one into making lists and setting goals so I thought that just over 2 years to a goal date would be a great amount of time to DO some things bucket list style! Here are the things I came up with!

  1. See a ballet at the theatre.
  2. Learn a new language.
  3. Fly in a helicopter!
  4. Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant.
  5. Get a new piercing!
  6. Watch the IMDB top 250 films of all time!
  7. Plant a garden/ herb garden!
  8. Finish decorating the house.
  9. Take the boys on a holiday outside of the UK!
  10. Read 35 books!
  11. Visit 3 new countries.
  12. Make a gig tee quilt.
  13. Take part in a photography workshop.
  14. Volunteer.
  15. Stay in a 5 star hotel.
  16. Have a weekend at a spa.
  17. Grow my blog!
  18. Visit 10 new cities.
  19. Go camping!
  20. Do the high ropes/ zipwire at Jungle NI.  Bravest goal on the list.
  21. Visit 20 new restaurants!
  22. Nap at the beach.
  23. Make something with all the collected seaglass.
  24. Try 5 new foods!
  25. Organise my entire photo collection.
  26. Compile Go clay pigeon shooting!
  27. Do 35 random acts of kindness.
  28. Travel somewhere alone.
  29. Donate blood.
  30. Bake a rainbow cake!
  31. Make sushi!
  32. Upgrade my DSLR!
  33. Wear dresses more!!
  34. Become well practiced in my yoga ❤
  35. Embark on a photography qualification!

I’m excited!!