Fri-yay Happy List!


❤  Tesco have bake at home from frozen Pain Au Raisin… OMG. OMG. OMG. So good.
❤  I’m loving hearing Nate read aloud.  He’s so proud of himself!
❤  Ollie just began swimming lessons and his confidence is overflowing!


❤  Loving my brand new camera!!  I’m the proud owner of a new NIkon D5600!
❤  I’m having so much fun blogging more regularly!
❤  Tattoo inspiration!
❤  Beach visits 🙂 🙂


❤  Decorating the house.
❤  Gig plans!  Smith Street Band, George Ezra and Mumford & Sons booked so far!
❤  I’m loving the sweet relief that ibuprofen brings to my tooth extraction.
❤  It’s been so good having the boys off for Easter break… much needed quality time.


❤  Among Other Foolish Things by Brian Fallon 🙂  His voice….
❤  The Ballad Of Me And My Friends by Frank Turner… love forever!
❤  My hair is pink and I love it… I’ve wanted pink hair for so long and I’ve bit the bullet.